Get Your Business Ready For The Electric Vehicle Revolution

Panda by Totally Charged is the simple, streamlined key to putting your business on the EV map. Cutting through a complex new market Through this all-in-one service, our EV and energy experts will recommend, install and maintain charging services that fit your requirements. Leaving you free to focus on running your business. Finding the right technology We put a wide range of charge points through a rigorous selection process, creating a shortlist that came top for price, quality and environmental credentials. Attract EV drivers to your business We are investors in and partners with Zap-Map, the UK’s leading EV charging app. We’ll help you become visible to 70,000 monthly users looking for destinations that offer EV charging.

Government incentives, advances in technology, cost reductions and an expansion in infrastructure
have seen the EV market explode. The number of EVs on the road is set to almost quadruple to nearly
800,000 by 2021 – that’s over 2% of road traffic.

Making installation a success

We’ll understand how your site uses electricity and recommend charging services that work within its limits. Making sure you benefit from EV charge points without overloading your power demand.

Caring about long-term value

Other installers are just that – installers. We also put together an aftercare package, so your investment keeps delivering for years to come.

Supporting your sustainability goals

Make your charge points even greener by switching your business power supply to us. We source 100% renewable power from a community of independent UK generators.

EV benefits for your business

Get ahead of the competition

Providing EV charge points showcases your business’s commitment to
sustainability. Helping you stand out from competitors and appeal to
increasingly environmentally aware consumers.

Gain additional income – and make savings

Access a new income stream by charging for EV power. And if your
business runs vehicles, benefit from a c.65% cost per mile reduction by switching from fuel to electricity.

Appeal to your employees

Provide EV chargers to support greener commuting, as an additional
employee benefit.

Future-proof your power supply

Make sure your site’s electricity supply is able to support EV charging now, reducing your exposure to urgent, costly upgrades in the future.

Let us help your development drive electric. Contact us now and start your EV journey with Totally Charged and build a sustainable infrastructure